Aqva di Venere 

Hotel with Spa Trapani

Opening: 10:00 - 13:00 / 15:00 - 20:00

Aqva di Venere, the seaview spa of Venere di Erice stands out as a real sanctuary dedicated to wellness and regeneration of body and mind.

Spa Trapani


  • Wellness path (90')

    • sauna
    • hammam
    • turkish bath
    • emotional shower
    • chromotherapy
    • cold fog
    • scottish shower
    • tropical shower
    • heated indoor pool with bay view
    • panoramic relaxation area with selected herbal teas
    • wellness kit

    € 37
    per person


  • "Venere" Massage (25' - 50')

    Gives the body a deep well-being thanks to relaxing dexterity and pure essential oils to customize at the time of treatment.

    € 38 / € 76

  • Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi (60')

    Massage originating in Hawaii. Its characteristic is to create the massage thanks to a special traditional dance the Hula that recalls the movement of the waves of the Ocean. Hands, forearms and elbows coordinate harmoniously. Eliminates tension, relieves joint pain, brings benefits to the lymphatic, respiratory and digestive systems.

    € 80

  • Sensory Massage (60' - 90')

    Massage that evokes the rituals of a dream trip to choose from 4 booklets for a sensory escape and, at the same time, to sublimate the skin (90 minutes with body gommage) using four different techniques chosen by the customer.

    € 80 / € 110

  • "Venere" Couple Massage (25' - 50')

    Relaxing and pure essential oils for the couple.

    € 76 / € 152

  • Candle Massage (50')

    Moisturizes, nourishes, perfumes the skin with the best vegetable butters that the flame will make liquid and slightly warm for a pleasant feeling. The product used is the result of vegetable raw materials of high cosmetic grade: shea butter, soy butter, cocoa butter, mango butter. The result is a relaxing and particularly enveloping massage.

    € 80

  • Chocolate Massage (60')

    The chocolate massage gives a feeling of immediate pleasure, eliminates stress from its scent, fighting cellulite and water retention.

    € 90

  • Hot Stone massage (60')

    A massage that exploits the properties of heated volcanic stones that, in contact with the skin, have a detoxifying, decontracting and circulatory power. Thanks to the increase in body temperature, the muscles relax and tensions dissolve.

    € 80

  • Draining Massage with bamboo (40')

    A vigorous massage, with strong biostimulant and reactivating characteristics, the technique takes advantage of the exceptional qualities of bamboo canes to carry out deep maneuvers and obtain an excellent toning action for the muscles and draining the tissues, thus counteracting water retention and stimulating circulation.

    € 55

  • Foot Reflexology (25')

    The feet are the mirror and the manifestation of what we are inside and how we are. The foot massage is extremely pleasant and stimulates the reflex points of organs and bowels to rebalance the energy of the body. Treating the foot means emptying the mind of excess bringing a deep relaxation.

    € 35

  • Decontracting Massage (25' - 50')

    It performs a specific action on the legs, arms and back in order to dissolve the hypertonic muscle areas and revitalize hypotonic areas. The pressure of the manual skills used will be medium and deep to be able to better treat the muscles.

    € 40 / € 80

Beauty Treatments

  • Body treatments

    • Gommage Marin Corpo (30')

      Sea salt gommage and seaweed tensor effect. It effectively removes dead cells, providing the skin with the benefits of trace elements rich in salt. After the treatment the skin is perfectly smooth, more toned and compact.

      € 45

    • Thermal slimming-anti-cellulite mud (40')

      € 65

    • Cryo slimming mud-anti-cellulite cold (40')

      € 65

    Duo treatment - Face and body (60')

    Face treatment moisturizing snail slime + Massage "Venere"

    € 65

  • The secret (90')

    • Trio treatment - Face, body and scrub

      True "beauty secret", this treatment encompasses all the needs of those who want to combine the relaxation of the massage "Venere", moisturize face and body, effectively removes dead cells, instantly eliminate the effects of fatigue from the face and body.

      € 128

    Specialized Facial Treatments

    • Hydra (40')

      Super moisturizing treatment with snail slime for dehydrated and tired skin, gives brightness eliminating any sign of fatigue.

      € 45

    • Anti-age (40')

      Anti-aging restructuring treatment, the snail slime plus hyaluronic acid, reduces the length, depth and density of wrinkles.

      € 60


  • Depilations

    Woman Depilations

    • whole leg (50’) € 30
    • 1/2 leg (25’) € 20
    • bikini (15’) € 10
    • brazilian bikini (25’) € 15
    • eyebrows (15’) € 5/10
    • mustache (15’) € 7
    • arms (25’) € 18
    • armpits (15’) € 10

    Man Depilations

    • back (30’) € 22
    • chest (30’) € 22
    • legs (60’) € 45
    • bases (15’) € 7
    • abdomen (30’) € 22
    • arms (25’) € 22
  • Manicure and Pedicure

    • Manicure Woman (40’) € 18
    • Manicure Man (30’) € 18
    • Pedicure (40’) € 22
    • Nail Polish Change with Filings (30’) € 15


    • Dry Manicure + Semi-permanent (50’) € 25
    • Dry Pedicure + Semi-permanent (50’) € 28
    • Manicure + Semi-permanent Removal (60’) € 20
    • Pedicure + Semi-permanent Removal (60’) € 24
    • Semi-permanent Removal Hands or Feet (20’) € 15

Aqva di Venere Spa Packages

  • "Venere" experience

    • Entrance to the Wellness Path (90’)
    • Hydra (40’)
    • Gommage Marin Body (40’)
    • Sensory Massage (60’)
    • Fresh fruit
    • Panoramic relaxation area with selected herbal tea
    • Wellness kit

    € 207

  • "Venere" day face

    • Entrance to the Wellness Path (90’)
    • Hydra (40’)
    • Panoramic relaxation area with selected herbal tea
    • Wellness kit

    € 77

  • "Venere" day body

    • Entrance to the Wellness Path (90’)
    • "Venere" Massage (25’)
    • Panoramic relaxation area with selected herbal tea
    • Wellness kit

    € 72

  • "Venere" gold

    • Entrance to the Wellness Path (90’)
    • Anti-age (40’)
    • "Venere" Massage (25’)
    • Panoramic relaxation area with selected herbal tea
    • Wellness kit

    € 127

  • "Venere" platinum in love (for 2 people)

    • Entrance to the Wellness Path (90’)
    • Couple Massage (50’)
    • Fresh fruit
    • Panoramic relaxation area with selected herbal tea
    • Wellness kit

    € 237
    € 118.5 per person

  • "Venere" aperispa by day

    From 10:00 to 19:00

    • Entrance to the Wellness Path (90’)
    • Spritz aperitif
    • Selection of appetizers for aperitif
    • Panoramic relaxation area with selected herbal tea
    • Wellness kit

    € 60

  • "Venere" aperispa by night

    From 19:30 to 23:00

    • Entrance to the Wellness Path (90’)
    • Spritz aperitif
    • Selection of appetizers for aperitif
    • Panoramic relaxation area with selected herbal tea
    • Wellness kit

    € 70

You & Me spa + restaurant

Your well-being to start or end your day in the best way with an entrance "Aqva di Venere Spa" and a 3-course lunch or dinner selected by the chef (first, second, fruit, water, service, other drinks excluded).

€ 70
per person

Special bachelorette party / bachelor party

For the special occasion of the bachelorette or bachelor party, treat yourself to an unforgettable experience at the Aqva di Venere spa of the Venere Resort in Erice.

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Birthday party

Celebrate your day with an exclusive birthday party at the Aqva di Venere spa at the Venere di Erice Resort, an oasis of serenity where every detail is designed to make your event unforgettable.

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Group reservations

The spa can be used in group booking for groups from 1 to 14 people.

The spa is available exclusively for groups of at least 15 people.

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Our SPA, a modern spa in Trapani, designed to offer a unique wellness experience, integrating exclusive treatments with the serenity of a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Bonagia and Monte Cofano. Every detail is designed to pamper the senses, from the selection of massages to personalized treatments for face and body, to the facilities such as sauna, hammam, Jacuzzi and steam room enriched by this breathtaking view of the sea. This haven of tranquility is ideal for those seeking an oasis of peace away from the daily routine, offering a break that nourishes both body and spirit.

Imagine a place where luxury and nature meet, offering a unique sensory experience, with personalized treatments for every need. From relaxing massages and hot stone therapies to wellness treatments, our proposals extend to exclusive spa packages, perfect for special days or an invigorating break in solo or in pairs. Let yourself be guided on a sensory journey to the Venere di Erice, where every moment is an unforgettable experience of pure pleasure.

Venere di Erice offers unforgettable experiences

Hotel with SPA in Trapani

By choosing our hotel with spa in Trapani for your stay, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a wide range of exclusive treatments designed to regenerate mind, body and spirit. From hot stone massage sessions to personalized facial treatments, every aspect of your experience is treated in detail to ensure a break of pure relaxation and well-being.

For those looking for a deep sensory experience, Aqva di Venere offers a wide range of Trapani massages. From relaxing massages to personalized treatments, every touch is designed to awaken the senses and promote a philosophy of well-being. We are proud to be recognized as one of the main wellness centers Trapani, where the care of the self becomes art.

We are among the best wellness centers in Trapani, our wellness center Trapani with four treatment rooms and a variety of services, Also aesthetic, our SPA resort in Trapani is the ideal choice for those looking for the opportunity to take a break from the hectic life and treat themselves to a regenerating moment. Access to the sauna, hot tub, steam room and hammam will complete your journey towards total relaxation.

Experiences for two

Spa Sicilia couple offers

Discovering exclusive offers for couples who wish to share moments of pure relaxation and well-being, Aqva di Venere stands out for its. Our proposals, designed specifically for two, offer a couple and overnight spa, turning each stay into an unforgettable experience of connection and regeneration.

To make your stay even more special, we offer SPA packages in Trapani designed specifically for your needs. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a moment of personal pampering or a group experience, our hotel Trapani with SPA will satisfy your every need.

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